Newly Updated Collaborative Work

I’ve been slaving over this piece for many, many hours and still feel like the cloud needs to be filled out more. Until I have the time, here’s “Girl In A Dream” a collaboration between myself and my old roommate and friend Aída Miró.

In addition to this I have uploaded an archive of Collaborative Work that can be found on that page as well as bellow.

First Commissioned Portrait

Behold my first commissioned portrait of newlyweds Reid and Macy. Thank you Ben Hollander for thinking of me, I think this is a most suitable wedding present! Contact me for your very own surrealist rendering. Maybe of your lover,  maybe of your dog, really anything you want…. Prices vary depending on number of figures, size, color, etc.

Reid and Macy

Tony Touch and Voodoo Ray

The third and fourth week of my residency at FunkBox, I drew Tony Touch and Voodoo Ray. These DJs put on bangin true school hip hop parties on Tuesday nights (at The Delancey) and nonstop house parties on Sunday nights (at FunkBox NYC)! Great tunes and great dancing. Thanks for having me as your May featured artist!