Jacob Hurley was born in Columbia, Maryland in 1991. He studied at Salisbury University where, in 2013, he received his bachelors of fine arts in drawing. Jake likes to explore the cutting edge of contemporary surrealism by suspending his conscious mind in order to channel organic imagery. A mesh of textures overlaping patterns fragmented faces and other cartoonish images of the subconsious mind weaved in and out. Cartoonish as in having a refined referencial quality of which is the very art of illustration itself. There is a dichotomy in the art having this illustrative style incorporated in a painterly way. While they are line drawings, they are paintings, there is a push and a pull, a cultivating and a working out of the image, you’re having a conversation with the piece, an info graphic might show instead of an arrow pointing from artist to art piece a double headed arrow because with each stroke there is a recalibration; which makes for a very psychic activity.

Hurley’s recent explorations have led him to extend his automatic style into travel and day to day life. He calls this Neo Surrealism. Learn more at:


The Neo Surrealist Trek

Resume for Jacob Hurley



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