Conceptual Work

Jacob Hurley, BFA – Drawing

I stumbled upon this method of written artwork in a truly Neo Surrealist way. I found an application called “Dictation” which allows me to talk into the microphone while my computer transcribes my words into text. It didn’t take long before playing with a mechanical tool became a process of refining some of the purest automatist writing. My incoherent gibberish evolved into complete abstract sound until the computer was forced to match the most nonsensical noise with words within its database. Becoming a conduit I streamlined random sounds quickly and unintentionally, creating a window looking into the other side. While these words are as organic as Automatism can provide, there seam to be a couple interconnecting and mysterious concepts presented in the text of Dictation – Wow, Now That’s Automatism. Out of thin air.

…weird, right?

…weird, right?

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